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My Massage Technique

I feel that massage can have a profound effect on your life, with how you relate to yourself and to everyone around you. It is my intention that you leave feeling empowered and refreshed with a renewed sense of balance with your body, mind, and spirit!

My intuitive massage has an atmosphere of safety and comfort.   I specialize in Myofascial Release (deep tissue) to give you a truly healing massage. 
My massage will increase your body tone and blood circulation, stimulate your lymphatic and digestion systems and elimination of food.  Massage also releases endorphins, your body's own pain killers, and so helps to relieve pain, depression and anxiety. Energy is returned to its optimal flow and wellness and health are restored. Your massage is finished with a hot towel treatment.  

Besides the physical aspects that massage can help to remedy there is so much more that massage can do for your overall well-being.  The every day mental and/or emotional stress and the fast pace of life today can leave us feeling a constant tension that we may experience as a headache, stiff neck, backache, irritable bowel, sleeplessness or depression, the list is endless. Your body has a memory of its own that works with your brain's memory.  Everything that happens to you from conception to death is recorded in your nervous system. Stress, painful memories, and emotion blocks your natural flow of energy. The liberating effects of massage are truly miraculous, releasing these blocked emotions, hidden hurts, memories, guilt, and anger come to consciousness and are released, allowing healing to occur.

Until we can free ourselves from past baggage and in our ways of doing things daily, we cannot free ourselves to be who we are meant to be. Let massage be one way to improve you life today!

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